SS Rotary Gear Pump Manufacturer in India

SS Rotary Gear Pump Manufacturer

We are Stainless Steel Gear Pump, Stainless Steel 316 Gear Pump, and Stainless Steel Rotary Gear Pump manufacturer and supplier in India.

Since 1995, We are the large-scale manufacturer and supplier of SS Gear pumps, putting in all of its efforts to fulfil the varying needs of clients. Because of its ideal usage in chemical facilities, the Stainless Steel Gear Pump has earned the most popularity. The materials utilised to make these SS Gear Pumps are of the highest quality, resulting in corrosion resistance, extended life, and other benefits. The Stainless Steel Gear Pump is simple to maintain, requires no oil, and is easy to clean. Corrosive, sanitary, and viscous liquids are transferred using the pump.

For transferring corrosive, sanitary, and viscous liquids, this is the ideal choice. Gears, shaft, and body are made of stainless steel 316, with DU Teflon bushes.

Application of SS Rotary Gear Pump Manufacturer:

SS Gear Pumps are highly utilized in:

  • Food and Beverages industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Chemical industries
  • Cosmetic industries

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