Vertical Submerged Process Pump

Vertical Submerged Process Pump Manufacturer in India

We are leading manufacturer of Vertical Submerged Process Pumps in the following materials: C.I., M.S., S.S., Alloy 20, and Aluminium. We are a prominent maker of the JKVP Series, which is also known as the Vertical submerged Sump Pump or Long Shaft Pump.

We designed vertical submerged pumps for low net positive suction head applications, cryogenic temperatures when vertical lift is required, and sump and cooling water applications.

Our vertical submerged pumps are intended for use in a variety of applications including water, chemicals, sewage, and slurries. Vertical submerged pumps are available in a variety of hydraulic configurations to satisfy practically every pumping service in the industry while maintaining maximum efficiency.

Vertical submerged Pumps Are Used in following applications and Industries:

  • Chemical plants
  • Water treatment plant
  • Utility circulating water
  • Seawater and raw water intake
  • Sewage and Slurries in many more industries and application.

Salient Features of Vertical Submerged Process Pump :

  • High head per stage
  • High capacity
  • Low maintenance
  • Robust Design
  • Highly reliable
  • Long Life

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